TASKS 2021

The students get five academic credits (5 ECTS) when they participate in the whole program in accordance with the formal requirements stipulated by Hanken School of Economics. Please make sure with your own IPR professor that these credits can be transferred to your university. You will get the Certification of Attendance after you finish the IPR Summer School.

1) You have to pass IPR is the new BLACK-online course.

IPR is the new BLACK -course in Finnish
IPR is the new BLACK -course in English

Send us the certification of completion to complete the IPR Summer School.

2) Case study

Choose one of these cases you find most interesting and write a paper on the case you have chosen. In your writing, relate the case to earlier case law and evaluate the outcome.

The paper shall be 3 -6 pages long with line spacing 1,5 and font size 12.

Return your analyze before the case clinic you are writing about is held to the address nari.lee@hanken.fi

3) Mandatory attendance

4) Group work and presentation 

5) Post Module: Learning journal

This must be sent by 30th June 2021.